My primary focus is supporting my clients’ healing process. I love giving my clients relief from their pain.

My healing education started in 1978 with Masters Degree in Sports medicine and since then I’ve discovered Abdominal work, Healing touch, Journey work, Ortho-bionomy, PUSH Therapy and Lymphatic drainage massage, building on a 30-year career in education and sports coaching.
A former member of the U.S. Ski Team, I remain an avid skier and sports enthusiast. So as a highly trained athlete myself, I understand the frustration, discomfort and inconvenience of long-term pain.

I discovered PUSH therapy after my own life-threatening ski accident. I was in chronic pain and doctors and therapists had begun to give up on me. After receiving only two sessions of PUSH Therapy my pain was greatly reduced. Since then I’ve integrated many other techniques for healing. No single technique works for every person or every type of pain.

With this experience, I treat my clients with deep compassion and respect. A higher spirit guides me and I rely on both my training and intuition to help my clients find relief.